Eco-Light Sculptures

By Nicole Green, Vancouver British Columbia
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About the Eco-Light Sculptures

Eco-light sculptures are made of recycled tissue, layered upon layers to give them a very durable surface. The frame is sculpted using bamboo cane, reed or willow branch twigs. They are mounted on driftwood found along the coasts of British Columbia.  

The electrical components are CSA approved. Each piece is wired professionally with a high quality LED bulb. 

High-quality LED bulbs produce light at significantly lower running temperatures than traditional or “previous generation” bulbs. Fire retardant is lightly sprayed on the inside and outside of each piece. The light sculpture will not catch fire due to the wiring or bulbs. 

Each piece is for indoor use. I am currently working on outdoor light sculptures using a special waterproof coating. Outdoor sculptures will be ready for commissions in 2022. 

Please contact me for prices on existing light sculptures and commisioned work.

Twig flame lantern dimensions


Snails pace lantern dimensions

17”Hx15Wx12D Dimmer light switch added

Guiding light lantern dimensions


Crest of the wave lantern dimensions


Crawl into your shell lantern dimensions


Glow worm lantern dimensions

42"L x 11" W x 11"D Dimmer switch installed