Light as Air


Light as Air, was inspired by the magical twists and turns of the corkscrew hazel tree. I’ve always been enchanted by this tree’s heart-shaped leaves and whimsical, contorted branch-es. And that’s why I wanted to create something that captured the tree’s playful spirit.

The sculpture frame is made of delicate paper sticks, arranged in a way that reflects the tree’s twisted and contorted branches. But it’s not just a representation of the tree – it’s a reminder to embrace the fun and whimsy of life, even when things get a bit too serious.

When I get caught up in the day to day routine, the sculpture reminds me to have some fun and enjoy life. It also symbolizes surprise and unexpected twists and turns, just like the branches of the corkscrew hazel tree. It offers hope and optimism, a reminder to let go of worries and just enjoy the moment and find joy in the most unlikely of places.

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