10”LX9”HX8”D | 4lbs

“Shelly” was born from my adventures on the remote island of Haida Gwaii, located in northern BC. One of Canada’s most mysterious islands, serene with mist-shrouded jagged lava rock peaks rising from the waves like a mag-ical kingdom, home to a wealth of rare species found nowhere else on earth.

As I was foraging for unique driftwood pieces to use in my next light sculp-ture, I came across what look similar to a beautiful Cowrie shell with its stun-ning colors and patterns, glossy surface, and tooth-lined apertures.

“Shelly” was created as a tribute to the mysteries and wonders of the natural world. It’s a reminder to appreciate and marvel at the beauty and mystery that surrounds me each day.

This light sculpture represents the hope and wonder that comes with discov-ering something new and exciting. It’s a symbol of the mystery and beauty of our planet encouraging me to continue exploring and discovering all the amazing things this world has to offer.

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