The Process

Each piece is a handcrafted original, made from multiple layers of artisanal paper, with a frame of bamboo cane, reed, or willow branch twigs, and mounted on driftwood (which Nicole finds along the coast of British Columbia, near her home in Vancouver). The unique concoction is then wired (including a LED bulb or LED strip lighting, producing a natural light, a warm, buttery glow, like the color of the moon.

Eco-Light Sculptures employ tiny pieces of nature to mimic and celebrate natural forms that are wondrous in scope the mathematical precision of a shell’s structure, the perfect symmetry of a leaf, the eternal cycle of renewal and decay…a piece of wood disconnected from its source-weathered and gouged, perhaps encrusted with seaweed-is technically “dead,” but its reincarnation as a part of a quasi-organic artifact is another kind of life… An Eco-Light Sculpture is a microcosm, imbued with the story of where and how its constituent parts were found.

Natures Art Supplies

To begin my light sculptures, I draw inspiration from the natural beauty of the wilderness and rivers. While contemplating, I gather interesting pieces of wood to serve as the foundation for my art. Additionally, I capture the shapes of rocks, shells, and other natural elements through photography. These images provide me with a reference for natural shapes while I begin creating the light sculptures.